The SKB-Group

The SKB-Group

We have been producing cables for the past 130 years. It is hard and honest work and each day reminds us how it all began...and what we have achieved. The SKB-GROUP remains true to its origins as a family business with production sites throughout Europe. We supply everything from fibre optic cables to building wires, and manufacture an almost limitless number of varieties, configurations and manufacturing options on behalf of our customers.
In short, the SKB-GROUP offers a cable for every need.

What we do



The top management of the SKB-GROUP actively manages the operating companies of the group.



Research, development and production of power, communications and industrial cables in Europe.



Large scale storage, logistics and trade with cables and equipment as well as just in time service concepts.

Who we are

The SKB-GROUP has a workforce of over 700 dedicated employees spread across its various locations. Here in Europe we produce cables and wires for the European market. The holding company of the SKB-GROUP is headquartered in Schwechat, near Vienna, where a small management team directs the strategic positioning and operational focus of our group companies.

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